General Dental Care – Dentist Advice

At Reva Dental Kilkenny we we offer a preventive dentistry service to ensure our patients have good oral hygiene and dental health. As part of this we strongly recommend 6 monthly appointments with our hygienist. We also offer a restorative service to repair decayed, broken or missing teeth.

At Reva Dental your dental exam will determine what work is needed to restore your dental health and we will provide you with a treatment plan setting out what treatments are required and what costs are involved.

To book your appointment contact the clinic in William Street, Kilkenny City on (056) 7763786.

To find out more about treatments available and price lists please click Dental Treatment Fees.

Toothbrush, Toothpaste and Dental Floss

All our products are carefully selected and recommended by our dentists.

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