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8 out of 10 Adults entitled to Free Annual Check-Up!

Excerpt from the Irish Dental Association article (03 Jan 2014) 

Market research shows that a lot of people are not aware that they are entitled to a free dental check-up under the PRSI Dental Scheme….

The Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme is available to insured workers and retired people who have the required number of PRSI contributions. Under this scheme, the Department of Social Protection pays the full cost of an oral examination once a year. The examination is provided by private dentists who are on a Department of Social Protection’s panel….The dentist or the Department will have the application forms. These forms require details such as your Personal Public Service Number (PPSN). If you are a dependent spouse or civil partner, you should give the PPSN of the insured person. The Treatment Benefit Section of the Department of Social Protection manages the Scheme Locall: 1890 400 400. Further information on the scheme is available here.

At Reva Dental Kilkenny all of our dentists are registered to offer free check-ups under the scheme. Give us a call on (056) 776 3786 and we will be happy to check whether you qualify,